What Kind Of Material Is Aeroxx Products?

Aeroxx uses polyurethane for all of its products. Polyurethane is more durable and truly flexible unlike composite product like fiberglass or carbon fiber by far, and unlike composite product there are no post cure periods. No post cure meaning less prep work to be done prior painting. We come in contact with polyurethane product everyday such as bottom of tennis shoes.

Why Aeroxx Choose Polyurethane Over Composite?

Polyurethane is nearly unbreakable unless you intentionally want to cut it up. True flexibility is also one of many good quality when it comes to polyurethane, also makes it easier to install than composite such as fiberglass kits.

I See Other Manufacturers Selling Urethane Products, What's The Difference Between "Urethane" And "Polyurethane"?

Polyurethane product is harder(stiffer) than urethane product yet has the flexibility as well. Due to harder surface, Paint also sticks on better than urethane product and does sag during hot weather like urethane.

Does Aeroxx Product Comes Painted?

No, sorry Aeroxx does not offer painted parts. All products can be uses as is in rubber like black finish and paint to match the color of the car.

How to paint Aeroxx polyurethane products?

Aeroxx always recommand seek professional help for installing these large styling products. However, Aeroxx also understand many people enjoy the work and satisfication of doing it themselves. In order to paint polyurethane produucts....